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You will also want to perform functional testing of your new code within your own environment as well as make sure that the build and javadoc are successful with your new code. Once your code has been completed and tested then it is time to create a patch.

Start by checking to see what files you have modified with: svn stat.

Keep this list for later because you will want to make sure that only code that you have changed is included in your patch.

In order to create a patch, just type:

svn diff > yourPatchName.patchYou can follow the guide here:

This will report all modifications done on the OODT sources on your local disk and save them into the yourPatchName.patch file. Read the patch file. Make sure it includes ONLY the modifications required to fix a single JIRA issue.

Please do not:

  • reformat code unrelated to the bug being fixed: formatting changes should be separate patches/commits.
  • comment out code that is now obsolete: just remove it.
  • insert comments around each change, marking the change: folks can use subversion to figure out what's changed and by whom.
  • make things public which are not required by end users.