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The Apache Content Management System (CMS) has been used by many Apache projects and the ASF itself to edit and deploy website changes. However, Infra is NOT accepting new projects for the CMS system. We encourage all projects using the CMS to migrate to an alternative system, and will provide guidance as needed.

Basic CMS use

This information is for projects still using the CMS until they are able to migrate to a different support structure.

  • Install the bookmarklet from the cms page. You only have to do this once in your browser. (Note: the page will prompt for an ASF committer login. If you don't have an ASF login, use the name anonymous and leave the password blank.)
  • Navigate to the page you wish to edit (on the live site, not in the cms).
  • Click the bookmarklet. There will be a short pause while the CMS system initializes.
  • Click Edit.
  • The CMS editor, with Markdown on the left and Preview on the right, appears for the web page you were just viewing.
  • Make your edits on the left side using our Markdown syntax.
  • Click Submit to save your edit to your work area on the server.
  • Click Commit to save the updated file to SVN and trigger a staged test build of the project site. (If you check "Quick Commit" beforehand, the Submit and Commit will happen together, saving a step).
  • The results should appear shortly on the staging site, which shows a complete preview (but is not the production site). (You may have to force the page to refresh in order to see the updated content.)
  • Once you are happy with the updated page, click Publish Site to deploy to that project's production website.
  • If you are not a project committer, you cannot publish the site; instead you should Mail a CMS Patch to the project's dev@ mailing list.

For a specific example, read about Updating the Infrastructure team web site on
A video tutorial for using the CMS, including by anonymous/non-committers is available at Detailed instructions are in the Apache CMS Reference Manualwas in use from 2010 to 2021 to create and edit static websites for projects and for the ASF itself. It is no longer available.