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Table of Contents

Tika and Computer Vision - Image Captioning


Description of parameters :

Param NameTypeMeaningRangeExample
apiBaseUriuriHTTP URL that will be used to create apiUri & healthUriany HTTP URLhttp://localhost:8764/inception/v3
captionsintNumber of captions to outputa non-zero positive integer3 to recieve 3 captions
maxCaptionLengthintMaximum length of a captiona non-zero positive integer(recommended >=15)for 15 the sentence length of a caption won't be greater than 15
classstringName of class that Implements Object recognition Contractconstant

Step 3. Demo

        $ java -jar tika-app/target/tika-app-1.17-SNAPSHOT.jar \
             --config=tika-parsers/src/test/resources/org/apache/tika/parser/recognition/tika-config-tflow-im2txt-rest.xml \