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Comment: Update current state pre-1.14


Shelving v3 currently fails some of its tests. Some are related to “mkdir”, which may require a relatively minor fix. Some are related to merging when applying changes into a WC that no longer matches the original base state. This is because the “apply” code does not attempt merging. Somehow the “apply” code needs to be hooked up to a merge. Subversion’s main merge code is unfortunately not in a good state to be re-used like this. It may be desirable to implement a “merge” alternative to the simple “apply” API (svn_wc__editor).

Shelving: Current State

At the time of writing this review, [UPDATED 2020-03-24] Subversion 1.14 LTS is due to be released soon. Subversion 1.14 might include one or more versions of shelving, probably looks set to include shelving v2 and v3, disabled by default and enabled by opt-in , as by setting an environment variable. The reason for making them disabled by default is that 1.14 is intended to be a long-term support release focusing on stability rather than experimental features.