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Table of contents

Table of Contents



There have been many discussion about moving the Sling Starter to the Feature Model. This page attempts to summarise the current state of affairs and propose a plan for switching over.


  1. Sling Starter: feature model definitions reviewed and refined
  2. Sling Starter: produce kickstart jar
  3. Docker image: built using feature model launcher
  4. Archetypes: Sling Project Archetype updated to use the feature model
  5. Archetypes: New Sling-Feature-Archetype created
  6. Launchpad Testing: unneeded projects retired
  7. Sling Site: Reviewed for documentation to update
  8. Sling Site: Documentation on launching Sling is updated to reflect feature model
  9. Sling Site: Provisioning Model documentation updated to reflect preference for feature model
  10. Sling Site: Feature Model Documentation Enhanced
  11. Sling Site: Other remaining pieces of documentation enhanced
  12. Sling Site: Tutorials updated to reflect Feature Model launchers

Official way of launching Sling


With the provisioning model and launchpad setups for the Sling Starter we always had a all-in

Out of scope

The following topics are explicitly out of scope, to ensure that we focus on the initial switch