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Conf keyExplanationExample
kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.databaseWhich database will the Hive Global Dictionary in.default
kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.columnsA list, contain all columns which need a Hive Global Dictionary, in a {TABLE_NAME}_{COLUMN_NAME} pattern.KYLIN_SALES_SALES_ID,KYLIN_SALES_BUYER_ID
kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.table.suffixSuffix for Segment Dictionary Table and Global Dictionary Table_global_dict
kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.intermediate.table.suffixSuffix for Distinct Value Table_group_by
kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.columns.reduce.numA key/value structure(or a map), which key is {TABLE_NAME}_{COLUMN_NAME}, and value is number for expected reducers in Build Segment Level Dictionary (MR job Parallel Part Build).KYLIN_SALES_SALES_ID:3,KYLIN_SALES_BUYER_ID:2

The location of Hive table in HDFS.

In Kylin 3.1.1, this configuration were removed (see 

serverASF JIRA

kylin.dictionary.mr-hive.ref.columnsTo reuse other global dictionary(s), you can specific a list here, to refer to some existent global dictionary(s) built by another cube.KYLIN_SALES_SALES_ID,KYLIN_SALES_BUYER_ID