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Comment: Solr 10 organization


They are listed here separately on this page: Deprecations

Solr 10+ Roadmap



  • Distributed State Updates


  • (vs Overseer) 
    • Status 2024-04:  real-world usage required to push this further.  Concerned about Many-replica collection performance; maybe PRS addresses this?
  • PRS: should Solr just work this way, removing the non-PRS code path?
    • Status 2024-04:  Finally, tests randomly choose PRS
  • Apache Curator for managing ZK connections –
    serverASF JIRA
    • Status 2024-04:  PR is close!  Need to get this over the finish line.


  • OpenAPI: complete coverage.

Apache HttpClient no longer included with Solr; not a dependency of SolrJ either (maybe will remain an option)

No longer in 10:

  • Apache HttpClient
  • Remove Custom V2 API annotations/framework – use JAX-RS instead. 

SolrJ / HttpClient

  • Remove Apache HttpClient usages within Solr, thus transition to HTTP 2 completely.  Maybe will remain as a SolrJ option?
  • A JDK HttpClient option to reduce dependencies (made it into 9.6!!)

Solr 9x

HTTP 1 → HTTP 2 Switch the remaining HTTP 1 usage within Solr to HTTP 2.  Apache HttpClient should no longer be used on the server.Smiley

Modularize SolrJSolrJ should be lighter-weight (smaller) for more users; fewer dependencies.  Add modules for some dependencies and functionality.Smiley, Jan, Houston, others

Use JAX-RSJAX-RS based V2 API definitions; use more and more.  Jason