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Comment: mbox-vm has copies of mino files


Archives are located at /x1/archives, /x1/private, /x1/restricted. These hold the emails archived by the host, which started operating in Aug 2017.

Earlier mails were archived by minotaur; copies of these files are held under:

/x1/minotaur/apmail/private-arch/, /x1/minotaur/apmail/public-arch/, /x1/minotaur/apmail/restricted-arch

Note that most lists were archived by both minotaur and mbox-vm until minotaur was decommissioned.

Month end was handled differently by minotaur and mbox-vm, so emails received near the end of a month may appear in different months in the mbox-vm and minotaur archives.

Locate the archive file(s) you want to edit, for example '/homex1/apmailarchives/public-arch/'
Back it up so you have a copy to retreat to in case something goes wrong, then open it in Vim or your favourite editor, find the email via a quick search, then carefully delete it,
starting with 
'From ' and ending just before the next 'From '. Save the file.e

Warning: in earlier mails archived by minotaur, a 'From ' line which appeared in the body of an email was not correctly escaped, so can be matched by mistake.


Archives are located at /x1/