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Comment: Deeper dive into updating logging-log4j-site: Follow the instructions to push to asf-staging then asf-site


In order to update HTML files the site must be generated via Maven from the logging-log4j2 then the generated html and other content copied into logging-log4j-site. Its common for individually changed HTML files to by be copied into logging-log4j-site, not necessarily the entire site.

  1. Clone the release-2.x branch of then run "mvn clean site -DskipTests" to generate the full site which includes all the appender specific documentation; the command takes about an hour to run on modern 2020/2021 hardware.
  2. Clone the asf-staging branch of
  3. Copy the generated html files from logging-log4j2's /target/site to a release specific folder in a release folder in logging-log4j2-site, for example /log4j-2.12.3
  4. Changes made in will be carried forward to future releases
    1. To make documentation changes to past releases like 2.12.3 run the "mvn site" command from a specific tag like then copy changed files to the matching folder in logging-log4j-site
  5. If you're editing one of the main files in logging-log4j2's /src/site/markdown folder (,,, etc) "mvn site" can be made significantly faster (completes in about a minute on modern 2020/2021 hardware) by temporarily removing (do not commit commented out code!) the ~34 <module> nodes in
  6. Follow the instructions to push to asf-staging then asf-site