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We propose to add two new exceptions MissingInternalTopicsException and MisconfiguredInternalTopicExceptionMissingInternalTopicsException is thrown when a required internal topic does not exist and MisconfiguredInternalTopicException is thrown when the internal topic is not configured as expected. In general, misconfigurations are configurations that differ from the default values specified by Kafka Streams or from configurations specified in user code where configurations in user code overwrite are considered before Streams' default values. Those misconfigurations typically occur if users change configurations directly on the brokers. For example, a changelog topic for a non-windowed state store is regarded as misconfigured if its retention period is not set to unlimited. Another example for a misconfigured internal topic is a repartition topic with the wrong number of partitions. In future, we might discover other misconfigurations that are critical to data loss. In such a case, Kafka Streams will also throw a MisconfiguredInternalTopicException without the need of a new KIP. The exception will contain a detailed explanation of what is wrong and how to fix it. The intended recipient of these exceptions is the operator, not software.