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  • ctakes.umls_apikey in your Operating System
  • umlsKey in your Operating System
  • umlsKey in your Piper File
  • umlsKey in your Dictionary Properties XML File
  • --key in your Clinical Pipeline Script command line
  • --key in your Piper Runner command line
  • -Dctakes.umls_apikey  in your Java command parameters
  • -DumlsKey in your Java command parameters

For instance:

bin\runClinicalPipeline -i C:\Input\MyNotes\ --xmiOut C:\Output\MyNotes\ --key 00a111b3-4c55-5555-5d66-66e7f888ghij

where 00a111b3-4c55-5555-5d66-66e7f888ghij is my Key.

The single key settings above will be preferred over the pre-2021 [UserName, Password] methods.

The pre-2021 [UserName, Password] methods may still be used if the username is set to "umls_api_key" and the password is set to the value of your Key.

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