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  •  Review the project Status - Status Link
  •  Review the Clutch Report - Clutch Report Link
  •  Review the Roster - Roster Link
  •  Review the Website Checks - Website Checks Link
  •  Approved Name Search - Name Search Link
  •  Demonstrate ability to create Apache releases:
  •  Demonstrate community readiness: 
    •  Recruit users, developers, committers - List of Committers. We have participated in the following conferences:
      •  Open Source Zed Conference Dec3 2020
      •  ApacheCon 2020
      •  Apache Conference at Berlin 24 Oct 2019
      •  Inspiration Space Apps Challenge Launch conference October 2018 Lviv
      •   Big Data and Data Science conference Sep 2018 Lviv
    •  Take responsible collective action - we use our dev@ mailing list for communication and discussion:
    •  We understand how to disagree in public on technical matters without destroying personal relationships - Our points of view can differ within our community concerning some technical points. However we make decisions base on our discussions, best practices and obey respectful attitude to our committers
    •  Create an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere on the mailing lists - we encourage communication via mailing list, answer for every e-mail which has been addressed to our project. 
  •  Project Maturity Model

The Graduation Process:

  •  Decide upon destination - Graduation as a TLP
  •  Charter for the project (in progress)
  •  Elect a project chair Vote Thread
  •  Prepare the Resolution Resolution Link
  •  Discuss graduation on
    •  Ensure Mentors have no remaining issues - Discussion Thread
  •  Vote on graduation on
    •  Notify the IPMC via general list that a community vote is in progress - Notification Link
    •  Achieve positive community graduation recommendation vote - Vote Thread
  •  Discuss graduation on
    •  Ensure IPMC has no remaining issues - Discussion Thread
  •  Vote graduation on
    •  Achieve positive IPMC recommendation vote Vote Thread
  •  Write Proposal letter to Board
  •  Acceptance of Resolution by the Board
  •  Press Release for new TLPs
  •  Post graduation tasks