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Simply include a parameter in the request, either from a link or a form, that sets the requst_locale parameter to the language and (optionally) counry code to use.

Code Block
<h3>Language Options</h3>
    <li><a <li><html:linkhref="<s:url action="/Locale?languageWelcome?request_locale=en"/>">English</html:link><a></li>
    <li><a <li><html:linkhref="<s:url action="/Locale?languageWelcome?request_locale=ja" useLocalEncoding="true">
    <li><html:link<li><a href="<s:url action="/Locale?languageWelcome?request_locale=ru" useLocalEncoding="true">

The default interceptor stack includes an i18n interceptor that watches for the request_locale parameter. The parameter name is configurable.