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To parse /my/base/path1/path2/myfile.pdf:

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curl -X PUT http://localhost:9998/tika --header "fetcherName: fsf" --header "fetchKey: path2/myfile.pdf"

If your file path has non-ASCII characters, you should specify the fetcherName and the fetchKey as query parameters in the request instead of in the headers:

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curl -X PUT 'http://tika:9998/rmeta/text?fetcherName=fsf&fetchKey=中文.txt' 
curl -X PUT 'http://tika:9998/rmeta/text?fetcherName=fsf&fetchKey=%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87.txt'

The /pipes endpoint

This endpoint requires that at least one fetcher and one emitter be specified in the config file and that enableUnsecureFeatures be set to true. In the following example, we have source documents in /my/base/path1, and we want to write extracts to /my/base/extracts. Unlike with the classic endpoints, users send a json FetchEmitTuple to tika-server. For full documentation of this object see: FetchEmitTuple