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Due to some limitations, kylin 4.0 can not support the first step of the second stage of cube planner, which is to automatically recommend recommend cube list; However, in order to enable users to adjust the cube more flexibly according to business scenarios, kylin 4.0 supports the second step of the second phase of the cube planner provides the ability to allow users to manually adjust the cube list. If you want to delete or add the cuboids for the specified cube, you can update the cuboid list by calling rest API(http://host:port/kylin/api/Cubescubes/{CubeName}/optimize2) . After updating the cube list, kylin 4.0 will generate the corresponding Optimize Cube Job for each historical segment in the cube to update the cuboid list. Finally, an Optimize Checkpoint Job is used to uniformly update the cube metadata and clean up the garbage.