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Re-enable cdi-unit tests once there is a new release cdi-unit#195


WicketTester and related classes have been extracted to wicket-tester Maven module WICKET-7072

TL;DR: Add org.apache.wicket:wicket-tester as a test dependency to your project and fix the imports in your project.

Until now WicketTester class was a member of the wicket-core module. But it depends on JUnit to do its job and this caused problems in JPMS (Java 9+ modules) because JPMS does not support optional dependencies like Maven/Gradle do. For this reason WicketTester and the other **Tester classes have been extracted to a new Maven/JPMS module - wicket-tester. Same is valid for WebSocketTester - it has been moved to wicket-web-socket-tester module,

wicket-http2 module have been merged to wicket-core module WICKET-6887