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Comment: Solr 8.9 hithlights draft


Solr 8.9.0 Release Highlights


Support for incremental backups, support for storing backups in Google Cloud Storage (GCS), ability to restore on top of an existing collection. Improved v2 API. Please see CHANGES.txt for details. (SOLR-15087, SOLR-15090, SOLR-13608, SOLR-15101)


New "Solr Cluster" row in Grafana dashboard, improved Zookeeper monitoring, new shard health info in CLUSTERSTATUS and more. Please see CHANGES.txt for details. (SOLR-15365, SOLR-15397, SOLR-15300, SOLR-15081, SOLR-15383)


The Metrics history feature has been deprecated and will be removed in 9.0 (SOLR-15416)

Admin UI:

Query page now stores state in URL and can easily be shared (SOLR-6152)


Jetty server upgraded to 9.4.41 which fixes some known vulnerabilities (SOLR-15316)

A summary of important changes is published in the Solr Reference Guide at For the most exhaustive list, see the full release notes at or by viewing the CHANGES.txt file accompanying the distribution.  Solr's release notes usually don't include Lucene layer changes.  Lucene's release notes are at