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The plugin can be specified via its fully qualified class name or its Connect alias like in the existing /connector-plugins/<plugin>/config/validate endpoint. If a plugin does not override the config() method, the response is an empty array.

For example, accessing http://localhost:8083/connector-plugins/org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.Cast$Value/config will return:

Code Block
    "name": "spec",
    "type": "LIST",
    "required": true,
    "default_value": null,
    "importance": "HIGH",
    "documentation": "List of fields and the type to cast them to of the form field1:type,field2:type to cast fields of Maps or Structs. A single type to cast the entire value. Valid types are int8, int16, int32, int64, float32, float64, boolean, and string. Note that binary fields can only be cast to string.",
    "group": null,
    "width": "NONE",
    "display_name": "spec",
    "dependents": [],
    "order": -1