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Table of Contents

Current bb nodes are Windows 10, (bb-win-azr-1 and bb-win-azr-2 both in Azure) which differs slightly from the Jenkins nodes that are Windows Server.


Note: any environment variables that need to be set on the worker machine for your bot's build commands to work have to be set in the global System Environment settings or (better) in the unprivileged user's User Environment settings.

Connecting via RDP (Remmina or Microsoft Remote Desktop are the most used on the team)

Connecting to Windows based Buildbots tunnels through the Buildbot Controller:-

  1. Run 'ssh  -L ' - replace bb-win-azr-1 with the Buildbot node you'd like to connect to.
  2. Open Remmina or Microsoft Remote Desktop and create a new connection to localhost:1980
  3. Creds are in LP under "bb-win-azr-1" for the Admin user and 'Buildbot Windows 10-11 User' for the limited account Buildbot user.