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Documents For Review

Content by Label
cqllabel = "infra-review"

Document Questions / Tasks

Pages can be on this list because they seem to be out of date, may no longer be relevant, are incomplete, or for some other reason.

Task report
sortBypage title

Pages with no content type tag

Content by Label
cqllabel not in ("infra-doctype-admin","infra-doctype-config","infra-doctype-runbook","infra-doctype-project","infra-doctype-notes","infra-doctype-policy") and space = "INFRA"

About this page

The Documentation Review board is a list of Infra articles that have been marked for review by the team / someone on the team.

Document Questions and Tasks are only queried from pages with the label 'infra-review'.

Marking articles for review

To mark an article for review:

  • Add the 'infra-review' label
  • a "task" with the general question / review item and close the entry with your Apache ID.
    • Optionally: assign the task to someone specific via @  mention.

Reviewing a document

When answering questions about a document / making requested changes:

  • mark the task as complete but don't remove it

the person who left the question should (ideally IMO) be responsible for removing the infra-review  tag.