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Build and install Ambari 2.7.6

Refer Ambari Development for prerequisites and additional information on how to build Apache Ambari.
Maven blocks external HTTP repositories by default since version 3.8.1. In such a case you can disable this feature by following these steps.


Note: You need to have tools such as rpm-build tool, brunch, etc.  For details on prerequisites, please see Ambari Development.

Step 2: Install Ambari Server

Install the rpm package from ambari-server/target/rpm/ambari-server/RPMS/noarch/


Code Block
apt-get install ./ambari-server*.deb   #This should also pull in postgres packages as well.

Step 3: Setup and Start Ambari Server

Run the setup command to configure your Ambari Server, Database, JDK, LDAP, and other options:


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ambari-server start

Step 4: Install and Start Ambari Agent on All Hosts

Note: This step needs to be run on all hosts that will be managed by Ambari.


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ambari-agent start

Step 5: Deploy Cluster using Ambari Web UI

Open up a web browser and go to http://<ambari-server-host>:8080.