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Apache Syncope 3.0.2 Fusion is the first second maintenance release of Apache Syncope 3.0, bringing several fixes and improvements, including the compatibility with reproducible builds.

titleUpgrade procedure
Upgrading from 3.0.1? There are some notes about this process.



  • [SYNCOPE-1725] - Error when searching with high number of OR or AND conditions with Elasticsearch
  • [SYNCOPE-1726] - WA does not always get configuration from Core on startup
  • [SYNCOPE-1727] - Elasticsearch cannot find anything under given Realm in case of parent update
  • [SYNCOPE-1728] - Unable to create LDAP authentication module from console
  • [SYNCOPE-1730] - Standalone on Windows: Console Topology page does not show any Connector or Resource


3.0.1 (January 13th, 2023)