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1. 根据 EC2 节点的公有 IP,在浏览器输入 http://${kylin_node_public_ip}:7070/kylin进入 kylin web 页面,并使用 ADMIN/KYLIN 的默认用户名密码登录:Image Removed

2. 创建名为 covid_trip_project 的 project,并从 data source 加载 covid 数据集和 纽约出租车数据集的表:

Image Removed

3. 分别为 COVID-19 数据集和纽约市出租车订单数据集创建 model,covid19_model 和 newyork_trip_model:

Image RemovedImage Removed

4. 根据之前设计的业务场景创建 cube:

- 基于模型 covid19_model 创建名为 covid19_model 的 cube:

Image Removed

Image Removed

- 基于模型 newyork_trip_model 创建名为 newyork_trip_cube 的 cube:

Image Removed

Create a project named coved_trip_project  and load the tables of covid dataset and newyork taxi dataset from data source:

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2. Create models covid19_model  and newyork_trip_model  for COVID-19  dataset and newyork city taxi order dataset respectively,

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3. Create cubes according to business scenario requirements:

-  Create a cube named covid19_cube  based on model covid19_model:

Image AddedImage Added

- Create a cube named newyork_trip_cube  based on model newyork_trip_model  :

Image AddedImage Modified