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  • Checkstyle - we use checkstyle to make sure we have consistent code style as well as to find various types of bugs and other issues. httphttps://eclipse-cscheckstyle.sourceforge.netio/update
  • PMD - like Checkstyle, we use PMD to find potential programming problems in the code. Point the Eclipse auto-install thing at http


(info) While there exist Maven plug-ins for Eclipse, team developer experience has found using them with CXF problematic at best. We recommend importing the CXF source code as Eclipse projects as shown below and/or using Maven externally (i.e., from a command-line window) as discussed on the CXF build page.

To install the plugins:

  • Go to

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    Help -> Install New Software -> Install
  • Click "Available Software Sites" and add the three remote sites listed above. Select just those three.
  • Back on the Install window, select "Work With: -All Available Sites-, and choose the three plugins listed above.
  • Return to "Available Software Sites" and reactivate the other remote sites (for subsequent updates/installs).


  • Eclipse Marketplace

  • On the Search tab, enter "Checkstyle" to search for it and install the "Checkstyle Plugin"
  • On the Search tab, enter "PMD" to search for PMD. There are two PMD plugins, install the "pmd-eclipse-plugin" 

Experimental Alternative: M2Eclipse