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VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a cloud computing platform for the management of physical and virtual machines.

Community Involvement

  • As stated in the previous report, the Apache VCL community continues to grow. We're seeing more and more people start to contribute to our online documentation and file JIRA issues.
  • A few people from the community have been contacted by PPMC members encouraging them to become more involved in the project.
  • We continue to see people from new locations asking questions on the vcl-dev list which shows that interest in VCL is continuing to grow.
  • Interest from the community to have support for a more recent version of VMWare Free Server drove the decision to swap that feature (originally slated for VCL 2.3) with cluster reservation improvements (originally slated for VCL 2.2).

Plans for next Release

  • We hope to have our next release out by the end of June. This would be 1/2 the time it took to get our previous release out. We hope to continue to shorten the time between releases as we move forward.


  • Migration of official documentation to our second Confluence space has started. The next step is to pick an autoexport template, and then set up a cronjob to copy the autoexported content to our official documentation location.

Top Issues Before Graduation

  • Continue to increase contributors from multiple institutions

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