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Form Tag Reference

titleEntering push and pop zone

All tags that push something onto the value stack (like i18n or bean tags) will pop those objects from the stack when its processing completes. If a bean is instantiated with the bean tag (<saf:bean name="br.univap.fcc.sgpw.util.FormattersHelper">) that bean will be available on the value stack only until the tag closes.

  1. checkbox - renders a checkbox input field
  2. checkboxlist - renders a list of checkboxes
  3. comboboxUI Tag Reference - renders a widget that fills a text box from a select
  4. datepicker - renders a date selection widget using JavaScript and DOM
  5. doubleselect - renders a double select widget, where the second drop down depends on the first
  6. head - renders the HEAD section for specific themes, such as CSS and JavaScript imports
  7. file - renders a file input field
  8. form - renders an input form
  9. hidden - renders a hidden form field
  10. label - renders renders a label
  11. optiontransferselect- renders an option transfer select component which is basically two select box with buttons in between allowing entries of each select to get transfer between each other.
  12. optgroup - render an optgroup tag to be used within a select tag
  13. password - renders a password textfield
  14. radio - renders a radio button
  15. reset - renders a reset form button
  16. select - renders a select
  17. submit - renders a submit button
  18. textarea - renders a textarea
  19. textfield - renders a textfield
  20. timepicker - renders a timepicker
  21. token - renders a hidden field to stop double-submission of containing forms
  22. updownselect - renders a select component with buttons to move the elements in the select component up and down

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