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        external: This keyword will trigger tests for the external component

       clickbench: This keyword will trigger the test pipeline for the clickbench 

       arm: This keyword will trigger the test pipeline for the  arm P0 regression

  • To avoid error firing, you need to include both run and the specified keyword,like "run p0" , "run buildall",this is so important!

  • p0,p1, and external pipelining all depend on compile-phase output, so when you want to retry one of these pipelining separately, you need to make sure that the corresponding branch has compiled output. If not, please first run the compile phase by adding the keyword with compile in the comment area of the corresponding pull request. Build the dependency pipeline after compiling.
  • When you use run buildall, it means that you have triggered compile feut beut p0 p1 multiple pipelines. you need to wait for the pipeline result. It is best not to trigger the same pipeline again while waiting for the result, unless the pipeline fails due to some accident

For example:
  • When developers add a comment with a buildall keyword to the Conversation area of the PULL REQUEST, for example: "run buildall cases", git action will detect this behavior and trigger FE single test, BE single test, and code compilation pipeline. when the code compilation pipeline. p0 and p1 pipeline. if you want to execute data lake related use cases simultaneously, You can have a comment like "run buildall and external", and the external pipeline will automatically start the data lake environment to perform the relevant tests.