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To invoke and manage a pipservice with Puppet:

  1. Use pipservice invocation directly from puppet nodefiles to install the custom app into /opt/$name to be run as and owned by root:root. 

    Code Block
    titlesample hiera yaml entry
        tag: 'master'

    Alternatively, use a module to install a pipservice.

    Code Block
    titlesample in module usage
    pipservice { 'testapp':
      tag => 'master',

  2. Your app will be installed into /opt/testapp (or whatever name you pick) and enabled as a systemd service.

  3. For syslog output, use asfpy's syslog.Printer class:

    Code Block
    import asfpy.syslog
    print = asfpy.syslog.Printer(stdout=True, identity='TestApp') # stdout flag will print to stdout AND syslog, if set.
    print("This will hit stdout AND syslog!")