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aardvark-proxyanti-spam proxy server
April-2021Support an interactive voice response system - original use for the M32 April Fool's project
artifact-platformFuture artifact distribution platform, runs on artifacts-vm-he-fi right now
Blocky-clientBlocky3 client app for ASF Infra
Blocky 4ASF Infra global blocking system
BoxerProvides self-serve features (account and repository management) for GitBox. README file has no contents
Commitbotbot for displaying commit activity on IRC for committers and users
DLStats(missing README file in repo)
GHA-notifierlistens for GitHub Action payloads and delivers notifications on either failure, or a transition from failure to success.
Gitbox-reposyncerruns on GitBox v2 and synchronizes from GitHub to GitBox via AWS SQS events

GitHub-event-notifierpulls in GitHub activity from our pubsub service. new/closed/merged issues/prs and code/issue comments are emailed to the appropriate mailing list
KifKif is a simple monitoring program that detects programs running amok and tries to correct them
LoggyLoggy Jr. for ASF Infra
MailstatsInfrastructure Mail Routing Stats Collector
occruns commands when a commit to a certain source has happened
Pypubsub-LDAP(missing README file in repo)
RoundtripASF Infra Email Round Trip Tests

uses pubsub to watch for both:

  • template/definition changes for authz files
  • LDAP group changes to fill into the template(s).

If either is detected, an updated asf-authorization and pit-authorization file will be generated in the directory specified as output_dir in the svnauthz.yaml.erb template found in the subversion_server module.

UninstallerUninstalls older versions of known programs that are now pipservices:
Webmod(missing README file in repo)