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Service Namepipservice-occ

On-Commit-Command (occ) is a PyPubSub client service that triggers a command on notify. 

DocumentationOn Commit Command Documentation
Runs On
Log Files

pipservice-occ  logs to journald and can be evaluated with journalctl 

e.g. journalctl status pipservice-occ 

Common Issues

OCC is not firing when updated should be running

  1. Ensure that PyPubSub  is running.
  2. Ensure that httpd  is running on tools-vm-he-de
    • httpd manages the SSL connection on port tools-vm-he-de:2070
      if the port isn't open OCC  can't connect to the monitor.

Service control

pipservice-occ  can be managed with systemctl 

e.g. systemctl status pipservice-occ