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In order to create a patch, type:

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svngit diff > AVRO-1234.patch

This will report all modifications done on Avro sources on your local disk and save them into the AVRO-1234.patch file. Read the patch file.
Make sure it includes ONLY the modifications required to fix a single issue.


  • try to adhere to the coding style of files you edit;
  • comment code whose function or rationale is not obvious;
  • update documentation (e.g., package.html files, this wiki, etc.)
  • name the patch file after the JIRA – AVRO-<JIRA#>.patch

If you need to rename files in your patch:

  1. Write a shell script that uses 'svn mv' to rename the original files.
  2. Edit files as needed (e.g., to change package names).
  3. Create a patch file with 'svn diff --no-diff-deleted --notice-ancestry'.
  4. Submit both the shell script and the patch file.

This way other developers can preview your change by running the script and then applying the patch.

Applying a patch

To apply a patch either you generated or found from JIRA, you can issue