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Code Block
  "apiKey": 60,
  "type": "response",
  "name": "DescribeClusterResponse",
  "validVersions": "0-1", // BUMPED TO VERSION 1
  "flexibleVersions": "0+",
  "fields": [
    { "name": "ThrottleTimeMs", "type": "int32", "versions": "0+",
      "about": "The duration in milliseconds for which the request was throttled due to a quota violation, or zero if the request did not violate any quota." },
    { "name": "ErrorCode", "type": "int16", "versions": "0+",
      "about": "The top-level error code, or 0 if there was no error" },
    { "name": "ErrorMessage", "type": "string", "versions": "0+", "nullableVersions": "0+", "default": "null",
      "about": "The top-level error message, or null if there was no error." },
    { "name": "ClusterId", "type": "string", "versions": "0+",
      "about": "The cluster ID that responding broker belongs to." },
    { "name": "ControllerId", "type": "int32", "versions": "0+", "default": "-1", "entityType": "brokerId",
      "about": "The ID of the controller broker." },
    { "name": "Brokers", "type": "[]DescribeClusterBroker", "versions": "0+",
      "about": "Each broker in the response.", "fields": [
      { "name": "BrokerId", "type": "int32", "versions": "0+", "mapKey": true, "entityType": "brokerId",
        "about": "The broker ID." },
      { "name": "Host", "type": "string", "versions": "0+",
        "about": "The broker hostname." },
      { "name": "Port", "type": "int32", "versions": "0+",
        "about": "The broker port." },
      { "name": "Rack", "type": "string", "versions": "0+", "nullableVersions": "0+", "default": "null",
        "about": "The rack of the broker, or null if it has not been assigned to a rack." }
    // -------------- START NEW FIELD --------------
    { "name": "BrokerSoftwareName", "type": "nullable-string", "versions": "1+", "nullableVersions": "1+", "ignorable": true,
      "about": "The name of the broker replying to this request." },
    { "name": "BrokerSoftwareVersion", "type": "nullable-string", "versions": "1+", "nullableVersions": "1+", "ignorable": true,
      "about": "The version of the broker replying to this request." }
    // -------------- END NEW FIELD --------------  
    { "name": "ClusterAuthorizedOperations", "type": "int32", "versions": "0+", "default": "-2147483648",
      "about": "32-bit bitfield to represent authorized operations for this cluster." }

AdminClient API

The DescribeClusterResponse class will be updated to add two methods:

Code Block
public class DescribeClusterResponse extends AbstractResponse {
  // ...

  public String brokerSoftwareName() {
    return data.brokerSoftwareName();

  public String brokerSoftwareVersion() {
    return data.brokerSoftwareVersion();

Proposed Changes

This KIP proposes two new required fields in the DescribeCluster response to permanently remove the need to "guess" a version based on the ApiVersions response, and to add the ability to determine the name of the software the client is talking to. For Kafka, the idea is to return "Kafka" for the BrokerSoftwareName, and CURRENT_BROKER_VERSION for the BrokerSoftwareVersion. For other Kafka-like replacements, they can return something like "Kinesis" and ${kinesis_version}, or "Redpanda" and ${redpanda_version}.


This KIP originally proposed placing these two new fields in ApiVersions. After discussion, we want to avoid the risk of the BrokerSoftwareVersion being misused by clients which opt into or out of behavior. The easiest way to avoid misuse is to simply not make misuse possible. As well, the average producer & consumer is not interested in the broker name nor version. We should only return these fields in a less-frequently-used, more admin request.

Return the name and version per broker in the DescribeCluster response

The broker software name and broker software version are not available centrally. These are going to be per-broker fields. A single broker cannot return the software name and version for all other brokers; if a client is interested in the name and version for all brokers, the client must request all brokers.

Put BrokerSoftwareName and BrokerSoftwareVersion in the ResponseHeader but send it only once