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Creating a producer/consumer involves looking up the consts for kafka configuration, and usually doing a lot of googling for what the possible values are for each configuration. Providing a builder where there are named methods to set various configuration, with meaningful parameters (ie: enums for configurations that can only have a few values), and good javadoc would make it much easier from developers working from ides (such as intellij, eclipse, netbeans, etc) to discover the various configurations, and navigate to the documentation for the various options when creating producers/consumers. This is potentially a duplicate/overlapping in scope with KIP-839: Provide builders for KafkaProducer/KafkaConsumer and KafkaStreams (apologies, hadn't seen it before making this one).

Public Interfaces

A builder will be added to the kafka producer and kafka consumer (separate classes than the existing ones). Enums will be added where relevant.
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