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  • GSoC 2010 mini-CMS project

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Code Block
//Function called when there is a click of the
//submit button in new.esp page
$('#button').click(function() {

    //Retrieve the input texts from the HTML
    var title = $("#title").val();
    var text = $("#editor1").val();
    var editor_data = CKEDITOR.instances.editor1.getData();
    var tagValues = $("#tags").val();

    //Now create a list with tags

    for(var i=0; i<tagValues.length; i++) {
	tagValues[i] = tagValues[i].replace(/ /g,'');

    var token = new Array();
    for(var i=0; i<tagValues.length; i++)
		if(tagValues[i] != "")

    //Every information is stored in the "data" variable
    //sling:resourceType tells the repository that this entry is a David one
    //jcr:mixinTypes=mix:referenceable defines this entry as referenceable (see JCR)       
    var data="title="+title+"&text="+text+"&sling:resourceType=david&jcr:mixinTypes=mix:referenceable";

    for (var j = 0 ; j < token.length ; j++){

    //The current date will be used to create the folders
    //in the Sling repository where we will put the content
    var currentDate = new Date();
    var year = currentDate.getYear()+1900;
    var month = currentDate.getMonth()+1;
    var day = currentDate.getDate()+1;

    if (month<10)
	month = "0" + month;
    if (day<10)
	day = "0" + day;

    //The url is under the David root node /content/david
    //created during the initial content loading
    var url="/content/david/"+year+"/"+month+"/"+day+"/";

    //Simple AJAX call to create a HTTP POST request
	type: "POST",
	url: url,
	data: data,
	success: function(msg){
		alert("Entry saved");
		window.location = "/content/david.html";
	error: function(msg){
		alert("Error during save");


It's an unuseful script, because also this operation can call new.esp. There is a need of a bit refactory about it.

List existing entries

Once you saved some entries in David, you can see a complete list of articles using the script /apps/david/list.esp.

Firstly there is a JCR query to find all the items

Code Block

var queryManager = currentNode.getSession().getWorkspace().getQueryManager();  
var query = queryManager.createQuery("/jcr:root/content/david/*/*/*/element(*, nt:unstructured) order by @created descending", "xpath");
var result = query.execute().getNodes();

In this way we have a variable result with a NodeIterator object. So we simply have to make a loop on this iterator and print its values

Code Block

	<h3><a href='/content/david.pdf'>Export list</a></h3>
	while(result.hasNext()) {
		post = result.nextNode()

	<h3> <a href="<%= post.getPath() %>.article"><%=post.title%></a> -
	<a href="<%= post.getPath() %>.edit">EDIT</a> -
	<a id="<%= post.getPath() %>" class="delete" href="#">DELETE</a> -
	<a href="<%= post.getPath() %>.pdf"><img alt="Get pdf" src="/libs/images/pdf-icon.png"></a>




Delete existing entry

Generate the tags content structure