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Comment: Use "brokers" instead of "nodes"


This KIP proposes to allow Kafka producer and consumer clients to repeat the bootstrap process when updating metadata if none of the known nodes brokers are available. A node broker is unavailable when the client doesn't have an established connection with it and cannot establish a connection (e.g. due to the reconnect backoff).

During the rebootstrap process, the client forgets the nodes brokers it knows about and falls back on the bootstrap nodesbrokers (i.e. provided by bootstrap.servers provided by the client configuration) as if it had just been initialized.

... can be configured so low that nodes brokers that are truly unavailable will never be considered as such, i.e. always will be eligible for reconnect. This is a known limitation. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a good criteria when to ignore this and trigger rebootstrapping nevertheless. It was decided to keep this out of the scope of this KIP.