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  • Pagination leads to a Class Loading failure with GenericConnection

This issue can be prevent by disabling the Lambda Use Factory which is added to the Sling Graphql Core.

The graphql-java team told me that they do not consider releases of back ports except for security issues but that will take time anyhow.


  • 17.4, 18.3 and 19.3 all seems to work just fine when the first two issues are fixed
  • I created a PR for 19.3 but was told that they are only doing a new release for security issues
  • Master branch contains fixes for the first two issues
  • There is a pending PR against Master branch that fixes the class loading issues
    • This fix still can negatively affect performance for pagination
  • All fixed versions used inside Adobe AEM work just fine including persistent queries, pagination, indexing and sorting

Sling Graphql Core Module

I upgraded Sling Graphql Core to graphql-java 20.0 in this branch:

This does compile but it will fail the Jenkins tests.

Next Steps

Any upgrade to a fixed release of graphql-java (17.4, 18.3, 19.3 and 20.0) will break the Jenkins tests due to the first two issues (see PR: but this module is not used in Sling Starter.