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The following tables provide information about a subset of the example projects provided by Apache CXF in the standard distributions.


Example Name

Example Description

Example Location

Java First using JAX-WS APIs

Sample illustrates how to develop a service using the "code first" approach with the JAX-WS APIs.


Java First demo service using the JAXWSFactoryBeans

Sample illustrates how to develop a service using the JAXWSFactoryBeans. It also makes use of LoggingInterceptors. The sample takes the "code first" approach using JAX-WS APIs.


Java First POJO Sample

Sample illustrates how to develop a service that is "code first", POJO-based. This sample uses the JAXB Data binding by default, but you can use Aegis Data binding by removing a few lines detailed in the README.txt file.


Spring HTTP Sample

Sample will lead you through creating your first service with Spring. You'll learn how to write a simple JAX-WS "code-first" service, set up the HTTP Servlet transport and use CXF's Spring beans.


JAX-WS Asynchronous Demo using Document/Literal Style

Sample using Document/Literal Style sample illustrates the use of the JAX-WS asynchronous invocation model.


JAX-WS Dispatch/Provider Demo

Sample demonstrates the use of JAX-WS Dispatch and Provider interface.


JAX-WS Handler Demo

Sample shows how JAX-WS handlers are used. The server uses a SOAP protocol handler which logs incoming and outgoing messages to the console.


RESTful Hello World Demo

Sample shows REST based Web Services using the JAX-WS Provider/Dispatch.



Example Name

Example Description

Example Location

JAX-RS sample collection

More then 20 JAX-RS examples




RESTful HTTP Binding Demo

Sample shows how to create RESTful services using CXF's HTTP binding. The server in the sample creates 3 different endpoints: a RESTful XML endpoint, a RESTful JSON endpoint, and a SOAP endpoint.