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Property Name



The threshold value in bytes to switch from memory to file caching. The default value is 1024K.


The data size in bytes to limit the maximum data size to be cached. Since CXF 3.0.16, 3.1.14, 3.2.1.

No max size is set by default. When the limits is reached, the error is returned. JAX-WS consumers will receive 500, JAX-RS/HTTP consumers: 413.


The directory name for storing the temporary files. None is specified by default.


The maximum MIME Header Length. The default is 300. This value can also be set by the system property "org.apache.cxf.attachment-max-header-size".

attachment-max-countCXF 3.3.4 3.2.11 The maximum number of attachments permitted in a message. The default is 50.

If no per-endpoint contextual properties are specified, then CXF checks any values that are set for the corresponding System properties listed below for large data stream caching and re-uses them for caching attachments.