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  • Averbis Extraction Platform - is a product based on the UIMA framework and ; the Averbis Extraction Platform makes extensive usage of the UIMA-AS scaleout functionalities
  • Behemot - open source platform for large scale document processing
  • clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System (cTAKES) - a UIMA pipeline with natural language components specifically built for processing clinical narrative text which describe patient-physician encounters
  • DeepQA - a computer system that can directly and precisely answer natural language questions 
  • DKPro Core - an open source collection of software components for natural language processing (NLP) based on the Apache UIMA framework
  • JulieLAB NLP Toolsuite - tools for natural language processing
  • LanguageWare - a linguistic platform
  • NsteinTME  - a text mining engine
  • SemanticV - concept aware information tools
  • TTC TermSuite - UIMA application for terminology extraction and alignment from comparable corpora developed by the TTC project consortium
  • U-Compare - an integrated text mining/natural language processing system based on the UIMA Framework.
  • uimaFIT - an open source library that provides factories, injection, and testing utilities for UIMA
  • - a French-speaking web portal about UIMA which counts a discussion list, a feed aggregator and a repository of UIMA NLP resources available under open license
  • Watson - Jeopardy! challenger Watson runs on top of the UIMA framework, and uses UIMA-AS as its scaleout infrastructure