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The Apache


Santuario™ Community

The Apache Santuario Santuario™ Project operates on a meritocracy: the more you do, the more responsibility you will obtain. This page lists all of the people who have gone the extra mile and are Committers. If you would like to get involved, the first step is to join the mailing lists.


  • Berin Lautenbach
  • Colm O hEigeartaigh (chair)
  • Sean Mullan
  • Raul Benito Garcia
  • Scott Cantor
  • Marc Giger

Emeritus PMC

The following people are emeritus members of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for this project:


  • Christian Geuer-Pollmann
  • Chad La Joie
  • Milan Tomic
  • Ted Leung
  • Erwin van der Koogh
  • Vishal Mahajan
  • Dirk-Willem van Gulik
  • Marc Giger