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sorry can't help you here. it's all up to you to fix the bug (smile)(smile)

commit everything

do you will want to do some combination of git add and git commit to get all your changes committed. when you run git commit, you only need a single line in the commit message it should have the form ZOOKEEPER-jiraNumber: jiraTitle.


In this case, please check the Jenkins output by following the "Details" link, and fix the issue, and try trigger a Jenkins build again. There are two these ways to trigger a Jenkins build:

  • Close and reopen the pull request. This is the recommended approach, and only the contributor who owns the pull request can do this.
  • Update the PR by pushing a new commit or amend the previous commit (git commit --amend). This is also recommended approach and only contributor who owns the pull request can do this.
  • A Any committer or PMC member who has admin access to Apache Jenkins infrastructure can rebuild the same Jenkins job. This is not recommended, because due to permission issues, the rebuild Jenkins job would fail to push the results back to git, and you will see something like this, regardless of the job succeeded or not.(actually anyone who is part of 'apache' github organization) can trigger the job just by adding a comment with the magic phrase 'retest this please'. (Note for administrators: configuration of this phrase is in the precommit Jenkins job, it is using the GitHub Pull Request builder plugin)

For contributors who owns the pull request: please make sure to get a green build to prepare the patch in a landing state.