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Useful User Contributed Tools

  • zkconf - generate configuration for a ZooKeeper ensemble
  • zk-smoketest - smoketest or latencytest a ZooKeeper ensemble (uses zkpython)
  • zookeeper_dashboard - web dashboard for ZooKeeper ensemble (uses zkpython & django)
  • zktop - monitor ZooKeeper in realtime
  • zkexamples - phunt's "random examples of useful bits of ZooKeeper ephemera"
  • SPM for ZooKeeper - Performance Monitoring and Alerting for ZooKeeper

Wrappers around the ZooKeeper Client API

  • curator - Components:
    • Client - A replacement for the bundled ZooKeeper class that takes care of
      some low-level housekeeping and provides some useful utilities
    • Framework - The Curator Framework is a high-level API that greatly
      simplifies using ZooKeeper. It adds many features that build on ZooKeeper
      and handles the complexity of managing connections to the ZooKeeper
      cluster and retrying operations.
    • Recipes - Implementations of some of the common ZooKeeper "recipes". The
      implementations are built on top of the Curator Framework
    • Utilities - Various utilities that are useful when using ZooKeeper.
  • Cages - distributed synchronization library
  • ZKClient
  • KeptCollections