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Apache XML Security for Java 1.4.2 release notes

  • Add support for more XMLDSig algorithms listed in RFC 4051. See Issue 44810.
  • Add support for C14N 1.1 to Java implementation. See Issue 42653.
  • Library does not allow specify provider for private key operations. See Issue 43056.
  • Method to disable XMLUtils.addReturnToElement. See Issue 42061.
  • Add XMLCipher.encryptData method that takes serialized data as parameter. See Issue 38668.
  • DOMException is thrown at XMLSignature creation. See Issue 44999.
  • Concurrent creation of a XMLSignature instance produces an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. See Issue 44956.
  • Concurrent invocation of KeyInfo.getX509Certificate() occasionally fails. See Issue 44991.
  • Switch order of XML Signature validation steps. See Issue 44629.
  • Regression when processing XPath transform (additional fix) . See Issue 44617.
  • XMLX509IssuerSerial.getIssuerName incorrectly escapes '#' in hex values. See Issue 44586.
  • XMLX509Certificate.getX509Certificate() results in certificate parsing error. See Issue 44205.
  • When using xslt transformation there is problem with xalan newline. Small refactor for ElementProxy to get rid of the state, it was an old vestige that where taking space and obfuscating the code. See Issue 44177.
  • String comparisons using '==' causes validation errors with some parsers. See Issue 40897.
  • XMLCipher loadEncryptedKey error. See Issue 44102.
  • No installed provider supports this key when checking a RSA signature against a DSA key before RSA key. See Issue 43239.
  • Unnecessary namespace declarations on Signature children.See Issue 42597.
  • Problem with empty BaseURI in ResolverLocalFilesystem. See Issue 42865.
  • Inclusive C14n doesn't always handle xml:space and xml:lang attributes correctl. See Issue 43230.
  • Error when removing encrypted content in 1.4.1. CSee Issue 42886.
  • ClassLoader issue causing NoSuchAlgorithmException loading Provider Implementation. See Issue 42820.
  • Improved logging in signature handling. See Issue 44863.