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Apache XML Security for Java 1.4.0 release notes

  • JSR 105 implementation.
  • Add XMLCipher.encryptData method that takes serialized data as parameter. See Issue 38668.
  • NPE in ResolverDirectHTTP.engineCanResolve. See Issue 4078
  • doesn't work out of the box. See Issue 40360.
  • Impossible to add X509 subelements for signing. See Issue 40404.
  • Base64 does not work in EBCDIC machines. See Issue 40215.
  • Subtree canonicalization produce incorrect results in certain cases. See Issue 40032.
  • Internal. Cannot sign-verify twice in the same thread with different XMLSignature instances. See Issue 40896.
  • Internal. KeyResolverSpi derived classes require default constructor. See Issue 40796.
  • Different behaviour with NodeSet and RootNode with InclusiveNamespaces. See Issue 37708.
  • Signing throws an exception if custom resource resolver is registered. See Issue 37456.
  • Canonicalizer gets exception in many namespaces. See Issue 38655.
  • Transform TRANSFORM_XPATH2FILTER subtract filter does not work correctly. See Issue 38444.
  • X509CertificateResolver does not work in multithread environment. See Issue 38605.
  • XMLCipher-loadEncryptedKey() doesn't set the correct CarriedKeyName element. See Issue 39200.
  • Findbugs reporting fixed. See Issue 39685.
  • Major optimizations for signatures that use node-set transformations(xpath,xpath2,etc), 20-40% speed-up.
  • Major optimizations for signatures that use xpath2 transformation.
  • Major optimizations in inclusive c14n when using xml:* attributtes.
  • Memory footprint reduction: Less object creation. Reuse of "expensive" objects between operations in the same thread.
  • Minor Optimizations. Reuse the same Signature object if the key are identical.