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Apache XML Security for C++ 1.2.0 release notes

  • Implemented XKMS Message generation and processing Committed by BL.
  • Implemented command line XKMS tool for generating and dumping XKMS messages Committed by BL.
  • Add support for SHA224/256/384/512 (requires OpenSSL 0.9.8 Beta) Committed by BL.
  • Patch for Mac OS X compile - provided by Scott Cantor - See Bugzilla #34920 Committed by BL. See Issue 34920.
  • Added complete KeyInfo handling for XENCEncryptedType Committed by MT.
  • Remove MFC dependency and clean up memory debugging Committed by BL.
  • Support for DESTDIR as provided by Ville Skytta in Bugzilla 28520 Committed by BL. See Issue 28520.
  • Update to Apache licence 2.0. Committed by MT.
  • Fix bug with NULL pointer when validating or signing empty reference lists - fix as suggested by Jesse Pelton on 23 March 2005 on security-dev Committed by BL.
  • Change to allow apps to calculate and obtain signed info hash - from Eckehard Hermann - see email of 2 March 2005 on security-dev Committed by BL.
  • Patch for long RSA keys provided by Michael Braunoeder to security-dev on 16 Nov 2005 Committed by BL.
  • Memory leak in OpenSSLCryptoBase64 reported by Jesse Pelton fixed. Committed by BL.
  • Move to internal Base64 decoder in a number of methods to handle non-wrapping data Committed by BL.
  • Resize buffer in OpenSSLCryptoKeyRSA for larger RSA keys - as submitted by Vadim Ismailov 3 December 2005 Committed by BL.
  • Remove redundant m_keyType class variable from OpenSSLCryptoKeyRSA as reported by Jesse Pelton on security-dev Committed by BL.
  • Don't throw an exception when an RSA decrypt fails during sig validation - this is a failed validate, not an error Committed by BL.
  • Shutdown OpenSSL properly - as suggested by Jesse Pelton in e-mail to security-dev on 9 March 2005 Committed by BL.
  • Changed scope of WinCapiCryptoKey::importKey() from private to public. It returns key now, instead of void. Committed by BL.
  • Fix problem in Windows CAPI where XSEC doesn't work if user doesn't have admin rights. Committed by BL.
  • Bug fix in Windows CAPI code for some W2K machines - reported by Andrzej Matejko 4/5/2004 Committed by BL.
  • Fix build on non WINCAPI systems, as reported by Milan Tomic on 22/4/2004 Committed by MT.
  • New constructor added to WinCapiX509 Committed by MT.
  • Fixed Bug in encode() XSCryptCryptoBase64. Committed by BL.
  • Fix bug in XPathFilter transform when checking if an attribute is in the input node set. Committed by BL.
  • Fix bug in in UTF transcoder for counting of transcoded characters (count characters not bytes) reported by Milan Tomic Committed by BL.
  • Move function definitions in the Windows BinInput stream class to static to avoid conflicts with Xerces. As suggested by Jesse Pelton on 2 Feb 2005 in security-dev Committed by BL.
  • Fix to stop re-use of derived key encrypting key when decrypting multiple elements in a document Committed by BL.
  • Fix to ignore encryption exceptions during a private key decrypt Committed by BL.
  • Remove dynamic_casts and RTTI requirement Committed by BL.
  • Updates to compile against Xalan 1.9 Committed by BL.
  • Backport to compile with Xerces 2.1 Committed by BL.
  • Provided support for nominating namespace based Id attributes Committed by BL.