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Apache XML Security for Java 1.2.1 release notes

  • Clean unused build*.xml files.
  • Clean unused jar (xmlParserAPI.jar,etc) and check and stored new versions.
  • Generated the dist jar with version (i.e. xmlsec-1.2.1.jar instead of plain xmlsec.jar).
  • Fix a memory leak when using xpath or using ResourceResolver and not hitting getElementByIdUsingDOM(). See Issue 32836.
  • Fix erroneous creation/verification when using XPath2Filter and inclusive c14n.
  • Library now throws an exception when asked to sign/verify an inexistent fragment. See Issue 23554.
  • Restore reset behaviour as default when reusing Canonicalizers(but an append one can still be used).
  • Fix a bug when using base64transformation and external resources. See Issue 33393.
  • Fix a bug when passing XMLsignatureInput(InputStream) streams that don't acknowledge reset() as expected.
  • Added i14n Base64 error message. See Issue 32996.