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  • Lucene.Net Hackathon May 2011

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As you may already know, there will be an Apache Retreat at the Knockree Hostel in Ireland, May 13-16, 2011. Lucene.Net will have a Hackathon which coincides with that event. You can be there in person or contribute from afar.

For more information on the retreat:


May 13-16th, 2011


In person events:

  • Knockree Hostel, Ireland
  • Add your local meetup here...

Virtual events:

  • Your house or office!
  • IRC:
  • Wiki: (you are here already)
  • Mailing List:

If you'd like to host an in-person event in your city, add it to the list! Hackathons are a lot more fun when done in person with pizza, beer, and most importantly, good company and pair programming partners! Arrange a local meetup for the weekend!


If you want to be part of the event, edit this table and add yourself to the list! (if you are unable to edit this page, please pass the info for the table below to mherndon @ Michael will update this daily).




Favourite Beer

Troy Howard

Knockree Hostel

Preparing 2.9.4 release

Session Lager

Chris Currens

Portland, OR


Session Black

Michael Herndon


Build Scripts/Tasks


Your Name Here...





Some open tasks to work on are:

  • Complete 2.9.4 release
  • Work on Sharpen/fully automated port (initial implementation)
  • Develop test cases and benchmarking (compare .Net Framework versions, 2.9.4g vs 2.9.4, etc)
  • Luke.Net
  • .Net idiomatic API (initial design)
  • Improve website documentation, how tos, samples, etc
  • Miscellaneous alternative framework support (Compact, Silverlight)
  • Your idea here...