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There are some clearly defined functional areas in the project.  These are not rooms with walls separating them, but areas of focus.  Many project members work in more than one functional area, and any member is encouraged to participate across any or all of these areas.

  • Podling PMC or PPMC.  This   is the group of elected PMC members who have oversight of the project, who elect new committers and who vote to approve releases
  • Develpment (Dev) includes the C++/Java programmers, including specialists like UI design, accessibly, performance, core localization (Bidi, IME, etc.) etc. 
  • QA includes the testing, manual and automated
  • Translation/Localization provides the linguistic and cultural adaptability of the product
  • Documentation includes in-product help as well as web-hosted documentation
  • Support includes the support forums
  • Marketing includes publicity, events, whitepaper, promotion, etc.
  • Committers are the group of contributors elected by the PPMC and who have submitted an iCLA; they may perform any/many of the roles above, and also have the ability to checkin code to the repository and any wiki directly (this is not a functional distinction, more of an organizational one)


For each Functional Area and for each Project Milestone, we should have a plan, listing tasks that need to be done as well as names of project members who have volunteered to help with the task.  Tasks without volunteers are fine.  This will help us identify where we need help.  Please link to existing information where relevant.