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See Hive SerDe for an introduction to SerDes.

Built-in and Custom SerDes

Built-in, Third-Party, and Custom SerDes
Built-in, Third-Party, and Custom SerDes
The Hive SerDe library is in org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2. (The old SerDe library in org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde is deprecated.)


Third-party SerDes


Note: For Hive releases prior to 0.12     , Amazon provides a JSON SerDe available at :s3://elasticmapreduce/samples/hive-ads/libs/jsonserde.jar.

Custom SerDes

For information about custom SerDes, see How to Write Your Own SerDe in the Developer Guide.


For the HiveQL statements that specify SerDes and their properties, see Create Table (particularly Row Format, Storage Format, and Formats & SerDe) and Alter Table (Add SerDe Properties).