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Comment: add "Ant to Maven" warning in "Adding new unit tests" with links to other docs


Apparently the Hive tests do not run successfully after a clean unless you run ant package first. Not sure why build.xml doesn't encode this dependency.

Adding new unit tests

titleAnt to Maven

As of version 0.13 Hive uses Maven instead of Ant for its build. The following instructions are not up to date.

See the Hive Developer FAQ for updated instructions. See also Tips for Adding New Tests in Hive and How to Contribute: Add a Unit Test.

First, write a new myname.q in ql/src/test/queries/clientpositive.


Similarly, to add negative client tests, write a new query input file in ql/src/test/queries/clientnegative and run the same command, this time specifying the testcase name as TestNegativeCliDriver instead of TestCliDriver. Note that for negative client tests, the output file if created using the overwrite flag can be be found in the directory ql/src/test/results/clientnegative.

See also Tips for Adding New Tests in Hive.

Debugging Hive Code


Hive code includes both client-side code (e.g., compiler, semantic analyzer, and optimizer of HiveQL) and server-side code (e.g., operator/task/SerDe implementations). Debugging is different for client-side and server-side code, as described below.